Chiyoko Myose
Where Am I From?  Where Am I Going?Still On the WayThe GateOmokageOmokage 2I Can Only ImagineFrom Memory to MemoryLike an Unfinished DreamIn BetweenWaitingThe Recurring ImageUntitledTree Charis
Leaning on the Tree
For this body of work, I use the subject matter, typically of a tree, to identify a sense of rootedness in place. I was attracted to the tree because no matter where I go, there are trees and they welcome me and comfort me. The kinds of trees are different, but the element of the tree is always the same. In my imageries, the tree can represent the understanding of my human condition or can symbolize a guidepost on the way of my spiritual journey and my physical journey. I embrace the layering of metaphorical meanings for this subject matter.

The architectures in some of my works are from places in my memories. Memories not only recall the past, but it makes me think about the present, and urges me to question the future. Overlapped with the tree imagery, I am expressing my thoughts of memories and imaginings of temporality and eternity.