Chiyoko Myose
Tulsa Community College WorkshopCity Bird Keeper 
Sarah Myose & Chiyoko Myose
Commissioned by Together Wichita

Placed at NE corner of Clapp Memorial Park, Wichita, KS 

acrylic on fiberglass
10' tallCollaboration with Classical Music  "Sojourning Threads" and "Pieces of Thread" Learning Gallery Piece at Oklahoma ContemporaryInstallation "Rewinding (2015)"  Collaboration with Contemporary Dance and MusicA Thread X (Meets) A Thread 

2013 - OngoingWhere Am I From, Where Am I Going CD Cover

2013"Where We Call Home" Collaboration with a Short FilmHisakatano & A Music Event 
2012I.M.P. Project
Collaboration / Community
My artworks have been used for community activities and events, and collaborations with other forms or art.
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