Installation Art > Lady Silver Leaves 2016

wires, monofilaments

After I came up with the idea of “Silver Leaves, Silver Water” in summer 2016, I noticed that the component of the leaves stuck together looked like to have its own life. I decided to make another sculpture of a larger scale of it for another site at Prairie Pines. I picked a lone tree in front of a pond at Prairie Pines, where people walk and mingle together, for this sculpture. The materials are wire and monofilament. The technique is tying knots meaning “relationship” like I did for “Silver Leaves, Silver Water”.
The suspended piece from a tree branch turned gracefully in wind. It was like a lady with a long dress dancing. I also added a long ribbon-like element wrapped around the tree trunk. It became another aspect to make me think this was a part of the lady’s dress. I decided to title it as “Lady Silver Leaves”. It looked like it is inviting people to dance with her.
This piece looked almost invisible in the site. However, when the light hit the piece, it shimmered like crystals. This was a reminder for me that even in the moments of feeling insignificant in social settings, as sojourners often face, each of our lives is significant in the presence of the light.