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Collaboration with a furniture/sculpture


The City Girl Farm’s wool, vintage silk Tomesode kimono fabric, vintage obi fabric from ca. 1930, thread, wire, interfacing fabric, and fiberfill

The City Girl Farms’ wool, vintage silk girl’s kimono fabric, vintage obi fabric from ca. 1930, thread, wire, interfacing fabric, and fiberfill

Artist Statement
By Chiyoko Myose

The chickens of The City Girl Farm remind me of the significance of agriculture in Kansas and its people’s ability for sustaining life. I have lived in this strong land for many years without thinking much about its rich nature and people’s efforts, but I should not take them for granted. At the same time, they are so adorable and make me smile.
I live here in Kansas with my background of Japanese sensitivities and culture which are still important for me. For many years, I fell into negative feelings easily because I was counting things that I miss in this foreign land.
However, these days, I have started to change my perspective and appreciate this unique life connected to both cultures as a blessing. This sense of appreciation is creating a notion of home in my mind beyond time and space.
The feathers of my chickens incorporate fabrics and elements of kimono, the traditional Japanese style clothes, together with the material of wool from City Girl Farm. It represents the dual cultures that are merged in my life and my appreciation for them. The material of thread often represents “relationship” and “connectivity” in my artistic language.
The two chickens in this show particularly represent the age differences between young and old, and the different points in time of a woman’s life.
Minako is incorporating girls’ kimono fabrics and elements. It shows youth and liveliness.
Eiko is incorporating the fabrics from Tomesode kimono. The black Tomesode with the family crests are the most formal for married women. It shows solemnity and maturity.

The City Girl Farm is a fiber arts studio creating one-of-a-kind chicken footstools. Their first chicken was born in Manhattan, Kansas and now they have their studio and business office in Kansas City.

I was one of the artists who were in The City Girl Farm's "When Feathers Come Together - A Global Chicken Collection" in Kansas City, April 2022.
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For more information, please visit The City Girl Farm's website.

You can find out the story behind my chickens and the process of making here.