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I started to create installation art pieces hoping that I could express bigger beyond the limited scale of canvases. Depends on the work, I sometimes work from a concept and get materials to meet that concept. Sometimes rather than deciding on a specific concept beforehand, I try to be responsive to the site or the materials first. I often start working without knowing what the finished image will be like. While I am executing, I often gain insight into the life of a sojourner and a traveler, which can be eye-opening and rewarding.

For my installations, I often use found objects and recycle them. I like the idea of recycling for the environment. Found objects usually have original functions and meanings. They often become the springboards for me to form new ideas. I also like the idea of giving a new life to the materials which are supposed to be discarded otherwise.

Installation arts are often ephemeral. They disappear after the show ends. There is a certain beauty in ephemerality. Our experience in the piece is a once-in-a-lifetime thing, which makes us think that each moment of our life is important and our life is precious. If my work and my artistic practice will send this message to the viewers, it will become a beautiful thing that happens to me and my work.

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