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Bloom (2015)
Thread, used dryer sheets, frames

Used dryer sheets, threads, and frames

I created “Bloom” to express my wishes and prayers for world peace, which I believe starts from an understanding between individuals. The yellow-colored threads were used as it is the symbolic color for warmth and peace to me. I collected used dryer sheets from different individuals. As a result of connecting them with yellow threads, the shape of the flowers started to appear. The yellow color forms can be viewed as pollen. Pollen is the substance to make the next generation. I pray for world peace from generation to generation. This piece was started for a group exhibition in Tokyo with the theme of “peace”, which commemorated Japan’s 70th anniversary after WWII ended.

For this particular piece for a group show in Tokyo in 2015, I framed the flower elements to have them hanged on the wall. I asked the viewers to interact with this piece by tying knots with the pieces of thread that I provided on a pedestal.

This work became a precursor for "Bloom" (2016).