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Collaboration with Japanese Tea Ceremony Harukaze 春風 Spring Breeze Video

Harukaze 春風Spring Breeze Making of Chashitsu
Video by Chiyoko Myose
Calligraphy by Rino
Calligraphy video clip by Kanna
Ceramics by Wyatt
Sound by dajopiuk

Tea ceremony generally takes place within a traditional Japanese room called chashitsu, or a tearoom. Chashitsu is set in a garden featuring elements like tsukubai, a washbasin for visitors to purify themselves before entering the chashitsu.
Inside, the chashitsu is decorated simply, and yet thoughtfully with art elements such as a hanging scroll, bamboo works, flower arrangement, and ceramic works. This is why the tea ceremony is called a comprehensive art form.
With this exhibit, I sought to capture this essence of the tea ceremony environment. However, rather than placing these objects directly in the space, I chose to create a video work that draws inspiration from a chashitsu.
This video piece includes alternative elements reminiscent of those found in a traditional chashitsu such as water in a stream and a lake, and flowers in the field. Here I have dared to choose wildflowers, which are considered weeds. These landscapes, when carefully observed and meditated upon, reveal deep layers of beauty and significance.
Instead of the traditional hanging scroll and tea bowl, I included a calligraphy scene by Rino and a tea bowl throwing scene by Wyatt as beautiful alternatives.
By layering them over the gently swaying images of my installation "A Thread X A Thread" and using posterize effect in places, I expressed a feeling of imagining and recognizing "chashitsu"– the one and only moment of tranquility and gratitude – wherever I go.