Chiyoko Myose
The Tried and Precious Corner StoneLonging For That PlaceSolitudeSeeking III Am Going to Miss YouI Miss YouIn My MindLonging For That PlaceI Repent and LiveMemoriesYearning to Adjust Yearning Not to Adjust
A Sojourner's Journey
Along my sojourning journey, I often wonder if there is any place with a sure ‘foundation’ beyond the differences in cultures. Experiencing physical sojourning and spiritual sojourning, I started drawing and painting with the shape of a square. This shape of a square represents a stone or a rock, and implies ‘a notion of a foundation’ because of its solid and stable features. The composition of the each imagery was inspired by Kimono design. Employing the design elements in each work conceptually, I depicted the various thoughts and experiences that a sojourner faces, and at the same time, I expressed the process of imagining and revealing this ‘place’ in my mind.

I am hoping that this series of work evokes the viewers’ awareness of other cultures and also engages the people who deal with similar issues as mine; I believe many people are sojourners in one way or another. More importantly, to me, this act of art making is an act of prayer and a process for consoling. By repeating the simple shape of a square over and over again, I want to remind myself of the existence of this place with a sure foundation and that my true citizenship belongs there.

I understand that this place does not exist in this three dimensional world. I also know that the reality of this place is far beyond my imagination. And yet, my sojourner’s journey will continue. I don’t know what my future holds. The one thing I know is wherever I go I will keep longing for this place deep in my mind - just like countless sojourners did in the past.