Chiyoko Myose
Origami Cranes in BlueGiftIn the DepthBloomLady Silver LeavesSilver Leaves, Silver WaterShirotaeno in Matfield GreenBloom (2015)Pumpkin Emoji AmphitheaterPrairie Origami Cranes and NestRewinding (2015)

Webbed WithinBloom (2014)Rewinding

A Thread X (Meets) A Thread
 ~ Treasuring the Moment ~

Tumbled, Dried, and Softened
Snow Ball TowersWhite Bird Parabola
TanpopoAkari (2010)
Installation Art
I started to create installation art pieces hoping that I could express bigger beyond the limited scale of canvases. Depends on the work, I sometimes work from a concept and get materials to meet that concept. Sometimes rather than deciding on a specific concept beforehand, I try to be responsive to the site or the materials first. I often start working without knowing what the finished image will be like. While I am executing, I often gain insight into the life of a sojourner, which can be eye-opening and rewarding.

Installation arts are often ephemeral. There is a certain beauty in ephemerality. Our experience in the piece is a once in a life time thing, which makes us think that each moment of our life is important and our life is precious. I hope my installations will send this message to the viewers, and if that happens, that will become the most beautiful thing about my installation arts.

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