Installation Art > Silver Leaves, Silver Water 2016

wires, monofilaments

In summer 2016, I was invited to make outdoor installations at Prairie Pines, in Maize, KS, for a music concert series. This place has beautiful gardens with a stone bridge, ponds and waterfalls. I was attracted by the site with a small waterfall which flows into a stream. This site is an enclosed area surrounded by trees. The tree leaves, splashes of water, and the sound of water in a dark foliage inspired me to make a work with elements of leaves and water splashes. As it was outdoors, I switched to the durable materials of wires and monofilament from threads which I often use for the indoor works. I made the surface of the leaves by tying knots with monofilament thinking about “relationship” with the people and the places that I make along my “sojourner’s journey”.
I took advantage of the topography of the site. The image is of the movement of the leaves travelling from the top of the fall to the bottom of the stream. The leaves change their forms and their positions along their travelling. Some leaves are suspended from the tree branches. It implies that they are flying in the air, some look like they are floating on the water. Some are together with other leaves, some are alone. The round elements represent the splashes of the water. These splashes integrate with the leave elements and the actual trees and actual water. The image of the constant movement of the flux reminds me of a life as a sojourner, a traveler’s life.
The wind make the pieces move. The sound and the actual splashes of the water are what make up this work. Since the sound of the water is like music and this project is for a music event, I had in mind to create a work which reminds of a music score.