Chiyoko Myose
Origami Cranes in BlueOrigammi Cranes in Blue Origami Cranes in Blue
Origami Cranes in Blue
June, 2018

Threads, steel rods, monofilament, and black lights

In this installation “Origami Cranes in Blue,” the origami cranes represent myself, the connection to my original culture, and the status as a sojourner travelling and searching for home. The crane symbolizes good fortune and longevity in Japanese culture. These cranes with full of positive meanings are now in a dark place in this installation. However, they glow even in the dark with the existence of the lights. It reminds me that a sojourner has hope and a future even in the current uncertainty of the place, reflecting my pondering thoughts on truth in paradoxes, "blessings in disguise."

While making this work, I thought about a waka, a Japanese classical short poem, written by Yamabeno Akahito in the 8th century. This poem describes the scene of cranes flying at Wakanoura, a bay in my home town in Japan.

To Wakanoura,
as the tide flows in,
the sandbanks disappear,
toward the reedy shore,
the cranes fly crying