Selected Past Exhibitions > Minami Terrace, Meguro-ward, Tokyo, Japan

In 2022, I had a solo exhibition at Minami Terrace, meaning south terrace, an art space in a quiet residential area in Meguro-ward. This was my first solo exhibition in Tokyo. An artist talk was hosted by Community Arts Tokyo. Alana Essex from Texas came and sang some country music songs on the theme of "home" along with her original songs.

This art space, is a renovated old house, and when you look up, the ceiling boards have been removed, leaving the wood exposed, including ridgepoles, rafters, trusses, and large beams. It was perfect for installing my thread piece, A Thread X A Thread. The roof is high and dark brown, which makes my work look deep in the space and white.

What I loved most in this space was that it is filled with milk glass pendant lights of various shapes and sizes, collected by Mayu's father as his hoppy. They looked like something round and white, like souls, carefully protected in my thread work.