Selected Past Exhibitions > Foundation House, Greenwich, CT

In August 2023, I was awarded an artist residency at Foundation House, Greenwich, CT. Foundation house is a 100 years-old mansion, one of the town’s few remaining Great Estates, and now dedicated as a place for artists’ and activists’ residencies and other lectures and events. I benefited tremendously as an installation artist thanks to their generosity of allowing me to install my installation “A Thread X A Thread” anywhere in the premises.

I chose three locations. The first place was the apple orchard. I chose this place inspired by the fact that this orchard hadn’t produced apples in a long time. This is the first time since the new owner took it over. In celebration and with the meaning of “The apples have found a home,” I chose this location as I thought it would mesh well with the theme of my artwork.

The second location was inside the house. This includes the foyer, main staircases, and part of the great hall. These three spaces were separate, but my thread work held them together around one wall between them. My rule here was to hook the threads where there were already places to hook them, such as the stair posts, railings, and wooden dowel joints. This made for a rather unique composition for the installation. As I touched the old, smooth railings and panels, I could feel the craftsmanship and the weight of the history of this old house.

The third location was in a room in the basement. It is a dark space with a vaulted-ceiling, stoned fireplace, stained glass windows, candlestick-shaped lights, and wooden arched doors that make squeaking sound…, just like a medieval undercroft. It became a “creepy” version of this piece.

The open house event marked the first time that people of the East Coast of the United States added the threads to my work. I also showed my paintings from “Iridescence series” that I worked on in my studio during the program. During the nine-day stay, I was immersed in this beautifully maintained old house and the expansive views outside. I am grateful for the place’s philanthropic spirit and generosity.